Friday, April 17, 2009

An Israeli In Cairo !!???

Yes, yes, an Israeli musician is performing in Cairo, Egypt's Capital. Yes, Yes, Egyptians bought tickets to Daniel Barenboim's concert in the Egyptian Opera House.
Usually, the word "Israeli" is the perfect synonym for "enemy" in Egypt and the Arab world. Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with 'the enemy' though; putting by that an end for the long devastating wars. Egyptians, until this day, are still fighting to keep the diplomating relations from developing to become normal, or even more!!!

Who is Daniel Barenboim???

Daniel Barenboim is an Israeli Jewish musician, who also holds other several passports, Spanish, Argentine, and, surprisingly, an honorary Palestinian Passport.
The best way to know Barenboim is his own sayings:
"There is no way Israel will deal with the Palestinians if the Palestinians do not understand the suffering of the Jewish people ... [N]now fifty years after that we have to accept co-responsibility for Palestinian suffering. Until an Israeli leader is able to utter those words there will be no peace."
In an interview with British music critic Norman Lebrecht in 2003, he accused the Israeli government of behaving in a manner which was, "morally abhorrent and strategically wrong", and, "putting in danger the very existence of the state of Israel."
I have no doubt that the existence of Israel isn't our first concern, in fact the exact opposite is, however, having a known Israeli musician defending the Palestinian rights, accusing the Israeli government for the crimes committed towards Palestinians, accusing the settlers, performing in Ramallah twice (in spite of the Israeli government's warnings), and cancelling several performances because of the last Gazan massacre, is appreciated. This even reminds me of the Jewish rabbis who visited the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran to show support against the Israeli forces, and the Israeli existence.

What about the timing?

Is the Egyptian government that stupid to bring up such a sensitive case while it's already involved into another major one? Why did Egypt wait until now to bring up BACK the Hizbollah members' case while it was revealed by authorities, months ago? Egypt knows that there's only one spotlight for the opposition and the conservatives, and this brand new case will absolutely distract the eyes that were standing against Egypt's step in reporting Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah to the United Nations Security Council. Egypt is playing a clever game. Clever Egypt forgot whom their friends, Israel and the US, described as the smartest politician. Well I'll save you time, it's his Excellency Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah. Most probably the one party that gave Israel, the un-defeat able army, a fine headache, will make Abul Ghait roll around himself singing 'Hava Naguila'.

Israel will always be the enemy, indeed. However, what about those who only hold the passport to travel and live, the ones who aren't Israelis, they are only referred to as ones. What about those who are the minority of the minority in Israel, that are against the existence of Israel, and are against the immigration to the holy land, at the first place??

Well, 'Israel' is the enemy, when the thought or the action is....After all, we all know Arabs who are given Islamic names, who pray towards Kaaba, and yet they are Israelis,,, Thoughts and Actions.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

دعني أحدِّثك في العروبة

دعني أحدِّثك في العروبة

على تلك الأرض... هناك شعب أخذ على عاتقه العروبة... و تكفل بتوزيعها على الأمة. هناك ... عند تلك المرتفعات.. شعب لا يأبه.... شعب لا يتأوه... حتى مع استبداد أعدائه.... شعب أبى أن يركب الباخرات ... تلك الباخرات المهاجرة.
نعم ... شعب لا يزال يسمي الأوطان بمسمياتها... شعب لم تقف عنده القضية على حدود السيوف على الرقاب.
هنالك أرض, لا يزال ترابها يعلو السحب.... أرض , طوبى لكل رسول سال دمه عليها ... لكل رسول اغتسل وجهه بفراتها.
هنالك مدن, كتب أسماء شوارعها عبق التاريخ... هنا أو هناك, لا يهم.. أنت تمشي في أزقة الزمان.
لك يا سوريا أن تفخري بيومك هذا... لست أنا من يأذن لسوريا بذلك, بل هي الطرقات التي تحكي من التاريخ ما لم تؤرخه الكتب. لك بعدد قطرات الماء التي مرت على نواعير حماة... و عدد ثورات الدم التي سالت لتروي العاصي.... أن ترفعي تلك النجمتين في السماء.... لأنه لا مكان للنجوم اِلا في الأفق

Sunday, April 12, 2009


لن نعيد الكرة .... سيدنا ... لا خضوع لأمتنا بعد اليوم..... لا سيدنا .... لن يجد الأوغاد طريقا لك.... لن يتمكن ظلمهم من قلوبنا... لن نعتاد الموت بذلة..... كما لم نعهدها عندما كانت السيوف على الرقاب و الرماح فيها. جدك سلام الله عليه لم يخذلنا ... و أمن لنا العزة حتى يومنا هذا... لا عيش لنا ان خذلنا حفيده الان.... أنت يا سيدنا و امامنا أعلم بانتصار دمه على السيوف.... و لا زال دمه ينتصر مادامت السيوف تطعن .

و أنا , و ما أنا سوى عددا سيحاسب على مواقفه يوم لا أحد سوى رب العالمين, أعدك بعظمته التي لا تقهر, و قوته التي لا تهزم , و وجهه الذي لا قبله و لا بعده, أن هناء حياتي علي حرام ما وجد المستعرب لك طريقا.

سيدي ما كنت لأمتلك القوة , ما لم تكن من قوتك..... و ما وجدت العزة , لو لم تكن من شموخ رأسك.... و لا أجد فخري الا بولائي الخالص لك..... نحن معك.... و الأهم ......... الله معك و نعم بالله

تعلًمُ أنك لست وحدك على أرض المعركة.... ان شاء الله ألا تجد سيوف النواصب لك طريقا.... و ان كانت مشيئة الله أن تجد ... فانني أصلي ألا يجدك السيف الا و قد أشبعه دمي.

رقية طبيلة

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Taste of Irony

This is probably why these people DON'T represent me anymore. Yes, I'm against peace. Peace that will shut your mouth, even if God should be speaking through it.
At least, I know one thing, MY Allah does not speak through Tantawwi's. My Allah is God who does not leave children burning in Gaza, My Allah is Allah ,, Who will never let his blessing in the hands that will someday shake the enemy's. My Allah does not know nationality, He knows well humanity. My Allah will never enjoy kosher while it's baked in Palestinian stolen oil. Apparently, You are the exact opposite of my Allah, especially that my Allah does not Bow. If you are Islam, then let everyone know, I'm not a muslim.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a Wonderful World, The Trgedy!!

After Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza, along with Miss USA, spent several days at Guantanamo Bay, she wanted to share her wonderful experience with the world, of which she represents beauty.She wrote the following on her blog:

"We hung out with the guys from the East Coast and they showed us the boat inside and out, how they work and what they do, we took a ride around the land and it was a loooot of fun!
"We also met the Military dogs, and they did a very nice demonstration of their skills. All the guys from the Army were amazing with us.
"We visited the Detainees camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how they recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting."

At the end she added , " I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place calm and beautiful".

I was wrong regarding who is on the first place of world's stupidity; I used to think that american blondies were, but no, not anymore, I will give this lady the first five ranks,, all together. Somehow, She is the five most ignorant people in the whole world!!

How can such a person , who should be representing the beauty of the world, not know what is going on in her "beautiful" world?? Even 9-year-old children are familiar with Guantanamo, However, this lady , knew about so much, that she described it with and <>.

One word..... SAD.

It's extremely sad, the fact that we still have such a prison camp in 2009.
It's more sad, the fact that someone, who hasn't been in a coma for the last five years, hasn't heard of the inhumane activities against the prisoners in Guantanamo bay prison camp.

I hope that this lady opens her beautiful eyes and see the world for it's real beauty and peace ,, especially behind the walls of Guantanamo camp.

I think she will love to go to Gaza strip so she can enjoy the calm emptiness.